Hi! I'm Beth!

I'm slightly crazy, but what artist isn't! This just makes booking me as your photographer more fun. I have tattoos and probably crazy hair of who knows what colour on what week.

I have a wonderful family with a supportive husband, two kids and three furbabies. I work part-time for a very large banking group. In my spare time (which is rare), I bodyboard, bellydance and as a family we disappear camping once in a blue moon.

As a photographer I wanted to be able to offer everyone, no matter their size, shape, gender, the opportunity to have photos taken of them, the unique person or family that they are.

I am self taught, an Accredited Professional Photographer, who has been capturing special moments professionally since 2009. I have studied Fine Art throughout my life which compliments my unique photography style. I pride myself in creating bright, punchy and dramatic photography to suit your own unique personality. All weddings and sessions are different and I want your photos to represent you and your little fun quirks plus that crazy family member (trust me we all have one ... I think I'm mine).

During your session or your wedding I aim to provide you with photos that look like you, that feel like you, and show how unique and truly special you are!

For now over twenty years I have worked in customer service with people of all ages, sizes, cultural and lifestyle backgrounds. I take pride in being a little bit crazy and outgoing and making sure everyone I work with is comfortable and has an enjoyable and fun session. You can feel comfortable knowing that no matter your request I will endeavor to provide you with everything you need to give you one of a kind photos that you will treasure forever.

I am open minded and non-judgmental. I have friends and colleagues of all walks of life and I celebrate them all.

My husband Craig is a integral part of Tidal Creations. Not just by being a wonderful assistant but also by being a second shooter, people herder and time keeper at Weddings and other large events. This makes sure that your event will be covered to its fullest without any special moment being missed. Craig has the understanding of my unique style and he will provide images with the very same styling but also is available on his own for projects requiring his own special style.

At times I will have assistants and other second photographers. I make sure that they're all just as crazy and fun as me with the same high standards and quality I ensure in all our work.

As a team, Tidal Creations Photography will make sure that you are provided with the highest level of service, you will have so much fun with us and you will receive high quality images that reflect who you are!


I am a RAW Artist

RAW is a fun and alternative showcase both to the local community and the world-at-large.

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I'm an Accredited Professional Photographer!

The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers AIPP Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your Professional Photographer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner, who complies with all legal business requirements, has appropriate insurance and who is willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice and to the requirement to continually improve their photographic skills by committing to continue their professional development.

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I am also a Certified Professional Photographer!

When hiring a PPAQ photographer you can do it with confidence, you will be getting a photographer with experience & skills that are certified by a respected organisation with over 100 years of history.

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