autre modèle

Do you love Cosplaying and want epic photos of your epic outfits?
Or how about we Goth it up and find a freaky location to go scare ourselves in
Have you got a Fantasy you want to play, mermaids, faeries, role play movie characters?
Or do you just want some really cool photos of you being you?
Get your thinking cap on and lets do a really fun concept shoot!

Sitting Fee $95


  • maximum 4 participants (additional participants are $25 each)

  • Time & travel to chosen location* or Studio Session

  • up to 1 hour photography session

  • Post processing of your images to make them perfectly unique

  • Personal online gallery for print ordering

  • 25% off Prints & Personalised Print Packages

* ask about our Make-Up and SFX team if you want a little bit more fun *


  • PRINT PACKAGE ~ $395

    • 8 x 11x14" Lustre Prints

      This gorgeous Print Package comes in a personalised Image Box with Digital Images included.